62 members attended

19 directors and 5 supervisors been elected

Preparatory committee of  IFTCMA

Mr. David Tseng, the Founder of  IFTCMA, and the staffs

Congratulations to Prof. David Tseng to be elected as Chairman

Mr. D. Tseng and the executive supervisor Miss Liu

Welcome to VIP from abroad

Mr. Ray Yap, Dean of E.H.T. Academy, Malaysia


Mr. Y.L. Lu, President of China Natural Fragrances Group

Miss F. Hwang, Deputy General Secretary of Association of China Life-caring

President , Association of Japan TCM Aromatherapy

Chinese Ceremony of Fragrance with Tea to VIP


IFTCMA is legally established, a non-profit organization major in the research and development of TCM’s innovative application and its internationalization. The aim of IFTCMA is to improve the TCM industrial chain values through the joint-venture of industry and university.

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