IFTCMA is legally established, a non-profit organization major in the research and development of TCM’s innovative application and its internationalization. The aim of IFTCMA is to improve the TCM industrial chain values through the joint-venture of industry and university. Consumers around the world are more or less familiar with TCM for its natural, without any chemical additives, no negative side-effects and so on. TCM could be said as one of the preventive medicines, with written history up to 2,500 years ago.

     The popular application of TCM is by drinking, inhalation, massage and bath etc. These applications are quite similar with Western Aromatherapy. The key difference between these two therapies is TCM use raw material herbs while Aromatherapy use essential oils distilled from herbs. Based on the above perceptions, IFTCMA is willing to research, develop and integrate TCM and Aromatherapy to find out an innovative and contemporary method for the purpose of improving mankind’s health.

   More than 80 % of our members are either professors or lecturers in the university while the others are experts in the industry.  All of us wishes to internationalize and modernize the classic TCM for the sake of leveling up human welfare.       


  1. To sponsor an International TCM Aromatherapy annually from 2017.
  2. To explore the ingredients and applications of TCM essential oils.
  3. To publish a Journal majoring in the field of TCM & Aromatherapy.
  4. To train TCM Aromatherapist worldwide through the cooperation of foreign institutes.
  5. To propel and interchange TCM Aromatherapy’s experiments.
  6. To joint any international expo, forum or conference related.


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