In December 2010, I was invited by the Secretary General of the Association of Reflexology Sichuan to attend their annual conference, and to have a presentation of “ An Analysis of the Availability for Integrating Reflexology with Aromatherapy and Hydrotherapy”.  During the welcome dinner, one of retired professors discussed with me the possibility of the integration of TCM and Aromatherapy.  The discussion gave me a valuable hint to pay effort to the experiments for the integration for these two important natural therapies prevailing in the West and East of the world.

    Until the end of 2015, I did study hard for TCM theories and many other related field of knowledge.  Whenever I was confused, thanks for all my good colleagues & friends they are nice professors for TCM and Aromatherapy crossing the strait, always I discussed with my friends to solve the problems. Finally, I finished my new textbook titled as “TCM Aromatherapy—an innovative application of TCM and Aromatherapy”. TCM Aromatherapy includes seven main fields, i.e. TCM essential oil, TCM fundamental theory, Meridian theory, TCM Pharmacology, Chinese culture of Fragrance, Western Aromatherapy, Modern medicine and technology.

    For these years, I was invited to have a presentation on the following cases such as “2014 Crossing the Strait Forum on Health Management” in Chengdu, Sichuan; “ 2015 Jiangsu TCM Annual Conference” in Suzhou, Jiangsu; “Special Skill and Knowledge Training Seminar 2015” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; “2016 Asia Aromatherapy Conference” in New Delhi, India; “2017 International TCM Aroma-therapy Conference” in Puli, Taiwan, etc.

    Nowadays, both the government of Taiwan and People’s Republic of China pay attention to the modernization and internationalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In response to governmental policy, I invite more than 50 professors from 42 universities in Taiwan to organize “International Federation of TCM Aromatherapist”, some famous professors from China support the organization too.


David, Chun-Ming TSENG

Chairman of the Organization


Dates and Events

2017/04/13 Application to Ministry of Interior(MOI)for IFTCMA.

2017/06/01 Reception of Former letter from MOI informing the permit of IFTCMA.

2017/07/06 Reception of Certificate from MOI for our organization registered Nbr.1060057723.

2017/07/06 Opening ceremony and annual membership meeting been held in the campus of National Chi-Nan University, Nan-tou, Taiwan.

2017/07/07 2017 International TCM Aromatherapy Conference.

2017/08/01 Attendance of opening ceremony of TCM Aromatherapy Committee,Association of China TCM Industry in Chiangxi, China.

2017/08/18 Attendance of 2017 China International Aromatherapy Industry Expo(CIAIE)in Kunshan, China.

2017/09/12 National Tax Bureau assigns a tax serial number to the organization as 72476692, while tax registered number is 527020721.

2017/10/20 AAC-AAIC Community(AAC)acknowledge the acceptance of IFTCMA as a member of the community. AAC member include essential oil association registered in India, China, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan,Korea and Australia. It is a big step of internationalization for IFTCMA.

2017/11/09 International Journal of TCM Aromatherapy volume 1-1 published today,ISSN 25226592.

2017/11/12 Being one of three associated organizers, IFTCMA sign an agreement to be a member-organization for a new borne China Federation of Developing Natural Fragrance in Xiamen, China. There are totally 22 organizations in China sign the agreement.



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